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My triathlon haiku

Someone started a thread on Slowtwitch asking for a triathlon haiku. Here's my contribution:

must get off the couch
go ride my bike, run or swim
you know, this is fun

I’m no poet.

My training has been coming along. My goal right now is to build base for next year and compared to last year, I’m way ahead of the game.

To compare:

  • Nov ‘07 - swim 29k, bike 170.4 miles, run 128 miles = 34.5 hours.
  • Nov ‘08 - swim 9k, bike 427.2 miles, run 121.6 miles = 43 hours
I'm pretty happy with that.

December is starting off pretty well also and I managed a decent week of training. Wasn’t without some juggling though. The wife and I decided at the last minute to go visit my mom for her birthday and ended up staying the weekend, so my original plan of riding on Saturday and running Sunday were out the window. I ended up running Saturday morning and doing my long ride Sunday night on the trainer after we got back.

Map and HR chart from long run:

long run 12 7 2008
long run 12 7 2008 map

Some people hate riding on their trainer... but for some perverse reason, I kinda enjoy it. One thing that I like is the fact that the time is precise. I can plan a 3 hour ride and I’m done in 3 hours. If I go for a 3-hr ride outdoors, three hours of ride time ends up being 3:30 door to door with stops, etc. And if I go with a group, I’m usually gone for 4 hrs or more to manage the same three hour effort.

So when we got home on Sunday evening and we got the girls down to bed, I filled up my bottle and I hopped on the trainer for a 3 hour session. Thanks to Coach Troy Jacobson, his Spinervals Tough Love DVD and a good iTunes playlist, the time went by pretty quickly and I had a very solid workout.

HR chart below:

trainer ride 12 8 2008

Fun stuff.

Getting late, that's it for now.

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My triathlon haiku + workout