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1 Mile Rowing Time Trial

As part of the Concept2 Challenge Series (info located here), I completed a 1 mile (1609m) time trial on the erg. To analyse my technique, I filmed the effort. While the mile is not a standard set piece, the folks at Concept2 UK have a penchant for coming up with unusual challenges to keep things interesting and fun.

A mile on the erg is essentially an extended sprint. While slightly shorter than the dreaded 2K competed at the Olympic level, rest assured a lot of pain is involved when rowing at nearly 100% for 5-6 minutes. Interestingly, the highly lactic acid levels ever recorded by exercise physiologists have been on rowers after a 2K, so it's pretty clear that the misery index is high.

My goal for the 1 mile was 5:30, an average pace of 1:42.5/500m. For power junkies, that is equivalent to 325 watts.

500 - 1:44.2
1000 - 3:28.4 (1:44.2)
1500 - 5:08.2 (1:39.8)
1609 - 5:29.9 (21.7)

Just squeaked under the 5:30 threshold. Good progress toward my 6:40 2K goal.

Some technique flaws that I am working on.
Breaking my arms too early... I need to hang longer on the drive.
Sit up straighter.
Quicker hands away.

Hopefully next time I post a video, I'll have slightly better technique.

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1 Mile Rowing Time Trial + TIME