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Saturday morning

beep beep.

The faint sound of the alarm on my watch pierces my consciousness. 5:30 am. It is Saturday. I click the button to turn it off and cherish for a moment how warm and comfortable the bed is. Most nights, one, if not both, of our kids has climbed in the bed at some point and last night was no different. The soft sound of their breathing slowly lulls me back to sleep. As I struggle to keep my eyes open for a moment, I consider the day in front of me. Saturdays are a big family day. After a full week of work and school, this is our chance to do something as a family. Maybe the playground for a couple hours. A birthday party in the afternoon. Some errands and maybe dinner out.

But, besides being a husband and dad, I'm also a triathlete. So that means I need to ride today. So, while most sane people sleep in on the weekends, I am lying awake at 5:50 (shoot, I dozed off) and considering the fact that if I want to get a ride in, I need to go now. And I'll be back before the girls are finished watching cartoons. But, if I go back to sleep, the opportunity will be lost. So I roll out of bed. Quietly.

The dog stirs, looks up at me with a confused look... then lays his head back down. The girls and my wife continue to sleep peacefully while I grab my gear that I laid out last night, and step into the bathroom to pull it on. I wouldn't want a light to wake them. Once dressed, I head into the kitchen and brew a cup of coffee while I mix up my bottles. The first sip of caffeine tastes like heaven. A quick bathroom stop and a few minutes later, I walk into the garage, put my helmet and shoes on, check the tires and roll out the door.

6:18 am. I can see my breath in the brisk morning air, but the sun is rising and the sky is turning blue. The legs feel good as I turn the pedals. It's going to be a beautiful day.

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Saturday morning + shoes