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The Best 30 Albums Of The Decade (kind of)

Over the next month Huw Davies' Week Spot will become Huw Davies' Decade Spot, as I count down the Best 30 Albums Of The Decade.

Naturally, the immediate question is - what are my qualifications to make such a decision? This will impact hugely on the world of music. Bands whose latest effort doesn't make the cut might give up entirely and split, causing no end of pain among their fans. Such is the power of... well, me. It's OK, I'm humble about it.

Of course, this list isn't going to be definitive. I've not heard every album in the world released over the past 10 years (sorry, I'm just not that committed to the cause). And I've not even heard all the important ones: real music journalists like this fella will roll their eyes and berate the lack of Grizzly Bear and such, but hey, I've just not heard the albums, all right? Get off my back. Bastards.

And the list will be subjective. Obviously. There's no point in my trying to be 'cool' - I like some awfully trendy bands, but I don't like a whole world of others.

What I will say is this list is likely to be on the commercial side of hip (can't believe I just wrote that), by which I mean the average non-muso will recognise most of the bands mentioned.

So basically, I suppose what I'm saying is you have no reason to read this list at all. And it's going to be written over a month - one per day, starting December 1st, ending December 31st (excluding Christmas Day, OBVS) - so if you're not interested, you're going to find this place a bit of a hole for a while.

Oh well.

So, yes - starting Tuesday, I will be counting down the Top 30 Albums Released This Decade What I've Heard And Like But Obviously It's Not Definitive And Not Even That Objective But Hey It Might Be Interesting.

Be here or be curious.

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The Best 30 Albums Of The Decade (kind of) + Music