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Sack Carol Thatcher

Right, I'll keep this short.

It doesn't matter that what Carol Thatcher said was behind closed doors in the Green Room. When she called Jo-Wilfried Tsonga a "golliwog", she was displaying racism unacceptable in a television broadcaster (well, unacceptable in anyone, but we can't sack Daily Mail readers). I don't care that she said it in private and not on air. She should remain fired.

That people are calling for her reinstatement on The One Show is an appalling indictment not just on their sense of entertainment, but on their views that television personalities can say whatever racist crap they like as long as it's in private. What difference, really, is there between Thatcher calling Tsonga a golliwog off-air in the Green Room and Ron Atkinson calling Marcel Desailly a "fucking lazy n*gger" live on ITV? Only the level of personal embarrassment for the idiot speaking.

People need to stop sticking up for Thatcher. She has to go.

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Sack Carol Thatcher + road