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Animal rights get it all wrong

I picked up on two stories in the Metro with similar themes: animal rights.

The first was the story of a sniffer dog who has sadly died of nasal cancer (quite a rare form). It is thought that seven years of sniffing out class A drugs might have contributed to his doggy demise. Still, it's a dog's life etc. etc.

I don't really have much of a point here except to predict that animal rights charities will soon be campaigning for the rights of police dogs to do only a limited amount of work. It'll happen, believe me.

And on the subject of animal rights, PETA have had an advert for, uh, vegetables banned on account of its raunchiness. Quite what the charity is trying to do with this advert is beyond me, since their focus is usually on the alleged immorality of eating meat. Here, they are trying to make vegetables sexy, with questionable results. See for yourself. Myself... I'm not convinced.

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Animal rights get it all wrong + Protest